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Our outsourced office services are designed to help property management companies focus on core business activities and become more profitable - without worrying about time-consuming back office tasks. Our full suite of services include accounting, tenant screening, application processing, maintenance contractor handling, 24/7 call answering and more.

What can we do for you?

Fast growing property management companies outsource their accounting, admin, HR and other back office tasks to save 60% of their expenses. You get increased customer satisfaction, quality control and business continuity. Outsourcing property management back office tasks allows your firm to channel all your efforts and time in acquiring more customers and to quickly grow.

Accounting, Book Keeping & Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Management reports
  • Payroll processing
  • Invoice processing
Onboard New Properties
  • Get new property information
  • Pre let advertising
  • Application processing
  • Property viewings
  • Tenant screening
  • Rent payments
Inspection Report
  • New tenant inspection report
  • Check in/check-out report
  • Exit procedures (ending property lease, tenancy)
  • Well organized check out process
  • Eviction procedures
Web Services
  • Design or redesign website
  • Website development
  • Web maintenance
  • Manage website content
  • Social media brand awareness
  • Future-proof web design
  • Blog/article creation on industry trends
Online/Offline Marketing
  • Create appropriate photos and videos
  • Manage property pictures/videos in the website
  • Write effective content for search engines
  • Social media marketing and exposure
  • Search engine optimization
  • Flyers, brochures, newspapers, magazines, posters, banners etc
24/7 Call Handling Services
  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Live chat support
  • Reply to website enquiries
  • Out of hours support
  • Certified professionals
  • Industry specific staff
  • Service available 24/7
Key Differentiators

We deliver a comprehensive suite of customized BPO services to meet all your business needs. Our team serves as an extension of your in-house team. We follow industry-standards and integrate BPO best practices that help you achieve key performance metrics and success. By choosing us, you get the value of our proven experience and skill, including

❖ Services powered by automation technology
❖ Assured quality and cost savings
❖  Assured data security and business continuity
❖ Accurate, timely and regular reporting
❖ Instant ramp up or ramp down to deal with workload spikes
❖ 24/7 continuous operations on demand
❖ Access to highly skilled workforce with good industry knowledge
❖ Access to latest technology and highly secured IT infrastructure
Customized approach that delivers unprecedented business results

❖ Cost Savings of up to 60%


Property management firms are constantly revising existing business models to address their shrinking profit margins. By using our back office services, you get access to a full suite of services all from a single provider – letting you reduce overhead expenses and save as much as 60% on salary and other hidden expenses.

❖ Assured Quality


Our property management teams follow stringent quality standards to ensure client satisfaction. Be it your tenant, employee, vendor or just an enquiry - our professionals can respond to queries patiently, quickly and accurately.

❖ Get Maximum ROI


Ensure that the client network that you have worked so hard to build gives you the benefits. Make the most out of your business and get the maximum ROI. Outsourcing your property management office tasks to us can help you achieve these.

❖ Get Highly Skilled and Expert Team of Professionals


You get access to a skilled team of professionals having good communication, ability to understand complex issues and complete attention to detail. You can sit back and work on your business growth and expansion, without worrying about overwhelming property management back office tasks.

❖ Staff Flexibility


Do you have a tough time hiring reliable and high quality property management office staff? We help you eliminate such staffing issues by providing you with property management experts who are flexible to work on any task that needs to be done.

❖ Quick Turnaround Times


Unexpected short staffing can lead to delayed deliverables. But when the requirements are outsourced to a company like EdithPro, you do not have to worry about. Our experienced team can get the job done and guarantee quick turnaround times.

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