Are you looking for high quality, time bound and cost effective Data Analytics and Data Processing services?

Be it machine learning data tagging, text or numeric data entry, forms/ invoice processing, OCR or data conversion – we are your one stop data entry, analytics and data processing service provider. Using the latest technology and supported by our in-house programmers plus quality control staff, we deliver high quality results for every one of your projects.

Our Services Span The Following Industries

With years of experience in data analytics and data processing services, we've invested consistently not only in data analytics operator training but also in validation and quality control processes. This enables us to deliver the highest quality service for all data analytics and data entry projects. Our services span the following industries:

  • Healthcare: medical insurance forms, dental insurance forms, medicare remittance notices, medicare summary notices, HCFA 1500 forms, UB92 forms
  • Marketing: surveys, coupons, mailing list creation and verification
  • Legal: verify and validate necessary documents, digitize, index and code documents
  • Education: student records, ILR forms, indexing, e-library and online courses
  • Finance: credit card applications
    Insurance: claims processing
  • Transportation: driver qualifications processing, courier shipping documents processing
  • Publication: manuscript formatting, coding and indexing, subscription fulfillment
  • Mortgage: document imaging and indexing
  • Manufacturing: order processing, bill of material maintenance
  • Human resources: employee data maintenance
Data analytics and data processing services tailored for your business type?

Whatever be your data processing requirement, our solutions can be tailored to suit it, irrespective of the size of your business. Solve data processing challenges with our outsourced solutions and customize the product or service to their needs with the help of data.

Data Entry Projects We Handle
  • Data entry of printed and handwritten material
  • Medical billing data entry
  • Data entry of e-books
  • Insurance claims processing
  • OCR conversion
  • Accounts payables and receivables entry
  • Web database and web maintenance
  • Accounting bookkeeping records
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German and other European languages
Data Can be Delivered to You in These Formats
  • Database format
  • Excel format (.xls)
  • Word format (.doc)
  • Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Access (.mdb)
  • HTML (.htm)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Binary
  • Online database
  • Other formats specified by you
Secure and Easy Process
  • You mail, scan, fax or email the relevant documents to us
  • Our professionals view the documents through secure IT infrastructure
  • We complete the job using our secure and defined processes
  • Turnaround time is one to three days and is specified by you
  • You get the completed job in the format requested by you
Key Differentiators

We deliver a comprehensive suite of data analytics and data processing services customized to your business needs. We follow industry-standards and integrate best practices that help you achieve key performance metrics and success. Above all, our staff work as an extension of your in-house team, so you get the value of our proven experience and skill, including;

❖ Data entry and processing services powered by automation technology
❖ Assured quality and cost savings
❖ Assured data security and business continuity
❖ Accurate, timely and regular reporting
❖ Instant ramp up or ramp down to deal with workload spikes
❖ 24/7 continuous operations on demand
❖ Access to highly skilled workforce with good industry knowledge
What is unique about our data analytics and data processing service?

❖ Skilled Workforce


As your trusted data analytics and data processing service provider, we help you with highly skilled and experienced team of professionals to handle your projects. The data processing service teams at our India offices are highly computer literate with excellent English skills and are ready to take on long term, short term or one time outsourced data entry projects.

❖ Save Ample Amounts of Time


We understand the importance of time and how crucial it is for companies with large volumes of data to be processed and organized within the set time frame. Hence, we make ensure that we match your requirement - and guarantee quick turnaround time even for very large projects.

❖ Leverage Data Better


Data is the new business currency and leveraging it for business gain is the way forward. Outsourcing data analytics and data processing services can help to leverage this potential and help you take your business to greater heights.

❖ Superior Accuracy


Our strict quality control processes ensure 100 % accuracy – regardless of the type of project that we handle. Our data processing professionals are remarkably quick while maintaining the accuracy of your data. We can input data using single key, dual key or multiple key data entry methods.

❖ Improved Customer Satisfaction


We take our responsibilities seriously especially when it comes to our clients. As a result, we've been given a 97% positive service rating by our clients. Our data analytics and data processing professionals are here to take care of your projects and we work hard to find new ways to make your experience with us nothing but exceptional.

❖ Save Money


It goes without saying that outsourcing does have a cost-factor that plays a great role in generating profits. You can bring down overhead costs by more than 70% by doing so.

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