Businesses that need HR back-office support in Canada turn to us for personalized HR services tailored to their needs. We work with large multinationals, small and mid-sized local enterprises, start-ups, and government agencies. Some clients don’t have in-house HR resources in Canada and are looking for a full suite of HR services, while others engage us to support their internal team for selected items only. Whether you’re looking for an ongoing external HR business partner, or are just looking for assistance with a specific project or problem, we work flexibly to determine the best mix of services and pricing for you.

Our HR services include support for:

  • Onboarding and contract management
  • Orientation, training and workplace policies
  • Performance reviews, coaching and personal development plans
  • Compensation reviews and market surveys
  • Leaves, departures and terminations
  • Workplace complaints and incident resolution
  • Health and Safety training and risk mitigation
  • Workforce planning and team reorgs

When you engage us, you will be matched with a responsive and dedicated EdithPro team who gets to know you and your business, providing the human touch as well as the processes and technology platform you need to support your HR requirements.

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