Looking to build your website using a Content Management system?

We work on Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop and almost every other major CMS platform for both admin tasks and new projects. Now you can build, manage and store all of your website content in one place and enable seamless collaboration across teams.

Our Industry Expertise
Banking, Finance & Accounting
Media & Entertainment
Retail and Manufacturing
Professional Services
Real Estate
Many More
Our Industry Expertise

Our expertise across a variety of industries, business processes and wide range of services. You are guaranteed quick scalability and faster results.





AI and Automation

Business Process Outsourcing

Property Management




Revenue Cycle Management

Technical Expertise

We use proven technologies to provide your business with functional and productive solutions.

Key Differentiators

We deliver a comprehensive suite of web design and development services that are affordable, interactive and result-oriented. Be it a new website from scratch or revamping your existing website - we can handle them for you. We follow industry-standards and web design and development best practices that give you an edge over your competitors. By choosing us, you get the value of our proven experience and skill, including;

❖ Experience working on various domains since 2013
❖ Experience in working with industries of all sizes
❖ ISO certified and assured business continuity
❖ Get websites fully optimized for responsiveness and SEO
❖ Access skilled and experienced team of developers
❖ Truly competitive price for a great service
❖ Ability to finish projects within deadlines and on budget
❖ Additional support services


Why choose EdithPro for your web software development services?

❖ 60 % Cost Savings


When you outsource your web development project to us, it becomes our responsibility to deliver an awesome looking website that is at par with your requirements and business needs. We take it on us to deliver a fully functional and responsive website - so you don't have to worry about hiring/training an in-house staff and save as much as 60% on overhead costs.

❖ Get Highly Experienced and Skilled Professionals


Get a team of highly experienced and skilled IT professionals ready to work on your projects - with minimal to no training. All our developers and programmers are qualified and trained to understand your needs, prioritize tasks, and complete them on time. We offer quick high-quality products with turnaround times for the service requested.

❖ Better Risk Management


With real world experience, our software professionals can successfully handle delicate tasks such as upgrades and offer proven work solutions that help mitigate security risks. Our experienced team of developers will maintain your website against hackers, malware or viruses - delivering maximum security that you will need.

❖ Competitive Environment


As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of delivering an outstanding result and how it gives businesses an edge over their competitors. We apply the similar strategy and take it on us to deliver an outstanding result to all projects that we handle.

❖ Focus on Important Core Tasks


Web design and development can be time consuming and you might have to be involved to get projects done. At EdithPro, timely reporting is one of our key attributes. We will craft a methodology that best suits your project/business need and ensure you stay aware of what is happening with your project. Ultimately, you get the freedom and time you need to focus on core business functions.

❖ Scalable and Flexible


With access to a large pool of resources with diverse skill set, you get developers who are competitive and up-to-date with the latest technologies. You can easily scale up/ scale down or shuffle resources based on what works best for your project. We apply tried and tested methodologies that best suit your scope and work towards offering flexibility that your business needs.

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