Spending a lot of time on Bookkeeping and Accounting tasks? Would you rather have someone take the burden from you?

Since 2013 we have been providing bookkeeping and accounting services to clients across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Our highly-qualified bookkeeping and accounting professionals are trained to keep a close watch on your ledgers and can close books, prepare financial reports, process account payables, receivables, check cash flows statements and more.

Your Accounting Process, Our Industry Expertise

Our accounting outsourcing services is powered by automation technology. This lets you gain the ability to get your work done and increase your company’s bottom line - without having to use trained accountants. At EdithPro, our accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services include;

  • General accounting
  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Financial reporting
  • Year end accounts
  • Management accounts
Accounts Preparation
  • Trial balance
  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Quarterly management accounts
  • Customized reports
  • General bookkeeping
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Invoice preparation
  • Daily records updates
  • VAT and sales tax returns
  • Records data entry
  • General ledger maintenance
Payroll (USA & Canada)
  • Payroll services
  • Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods
  • Payroll tax filing
  • Direct deposit or paper checks
  • Filing of year end payroll tax forms with IRS
  • General ledger interfacing
  • Client invoicing
  • Payroll helpdesk
Payroll (UK)
  • Monthly/weekly payroll processing
  • P45, P46, P38S etc
  • P14/P60/P35 End of year processing
  • Running bacs report
  • Timesheet processing
  • Gross margin report
  • Rti submission
  • Client invoicing
  • Answering payroll queries
  • Payroll helpdesk
Tax Preparation
  • Individual tax returns (USA)
  • Business tax returns (USA)
  • Self-assessment tax returns (UK)
  • Corporation tax returns (UK)
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Partnership tax returns
  • Depreciation, fixed asset and tax adjustments
  • Extension filing
  • Filing status updates
  • Direct deposit of tax return refunds
Key Differentiators

We deliver professional and personalized accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services that cover all aspects of what your practice needs. Our accounting professionals are highly qualified and operate as an extension of your in-house team. We follow industry-standards and integrate accounting outsourcing best practices that help you achieve key performance metrics and success. By choosing us, you get the value of our proven experience and skill, including;

❖ Bookkeeping and accounting services backed by automation technology
❖ Cost effectiveness, flexibility and quick turn-round
❖ Skilled workforce with extensive experience in dealing with international clients
❖ Save on infrastructure and costly software
❖ Scalable and assured business continuity
What do you get by outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting services to EdithPro?

❖ Reliable Accounting Outsourcing Partner


As your trusted accounting outsourcing partner, we help you with a highly skilled expert team of professionals to handle your accounting and bookkeeping projects. Our staff are well- trained to understand your requirements, prioritize tasks and complete them on time.

Our accountants can respond to questions quickly and deliver projects on time. This helps you focus on acquiring more clients while we take care of your backend tasks.

❖ Save as Much as 70% on Overhead Expenses


Accounting practices are constantly evaluating their business models to address their profit margins. By using our outsourced accounting services, you get instant access to qualified and seasoned bookkeepers and accountants - ready to work with minimal or no training. Our business models are tailored to help you save as much as 70% on overhead expenses.

❖ Get Rid of The Complicated Hiring Process


Hiring a qualified accountant with the right skill is quite challenging. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping lets you get rid of the rigorous recruitment process. You get to enjoy the higher level expertise of a professional accountant at an affordable cost. As your business grows, you can easily scale up (or scale down) without any lag to meet client demands.

❖ Tailored Solutions Giving Your Business a Competitive Advantage


Accounting outsourcing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for modern day accounting practices - to stay resilient during a crisis, to keep up with the fast-paced world of technological advancement or to handle fierce competition. As your reliable outsourcing partner, we deliver solutions customized to your practice that will make you successful.

❖ Access to Latest Technologies and Tools


Outsourcing lets you save money on advanced accounting tools and software. As your outsourcing partner, we stay up to date on all the latest software and tools. Our accounting professionals can work with tools like QuickBooks - both online and desktop, Xero, robotic automation and so on. We can use our own accounting automation tools to perform tasks or we can login to your software and complete the accounting/bookkeeping tasks for you - however you want to get your work done.

❖ Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Processes


Each business is unique and we completely understand that. Hence we focus on delivering out-of-the-box solutions and follow stringent quality standards to ensure client satisfaction. Our accounting outsourcing services are tailored to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes - giving the assurance that you need, so you can sit back and work on growing and expanding your business. growth and expansion.

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