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Secure data processing

Real-Time Image Proctoring

Be Safe & Be Secure. Track a candidate's test progress with the help of real-time image proctoring that captures images of the candidate during the test. The system raises a flag if the candidate has used any unfair means while attempting the test.


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Recognise Candidates & Stop impersonation

Candidate’s face is the secret key. Grant access to only those test takers whose real time image matches with their identification.

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Face Detection

Find human faces in photos and images.

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Face Identification

Search for face matches. Answer: "Who is this?”

Online proctoring

Face Verification

Search for someone’s face. Answers: "Is this Elizabeth?”

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Age Detection

Detects age groups: child, young-adult, adult, or senior.

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Gender Detection

Detects gender of each face found female or male.

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Multi-face Detection

Detects individuals, crowds, audiences and groups.

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Facial Coordinates

Detects size, pitch, roll, yaw, and key landmarks.

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Anti-Spoof Detection

Ensure security by checking the liveness of faces.

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Diversity Recognition

Understand more about the diversity of the human face.

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Window Lock with Test Termination

Secure the virtual environment of the test platform with window violation. Candidates are restricted from moving out of the test window. Test administrators can view the amount and duration for which the candidate has attempted to go out of the test window.

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Randomise Questions & Answers

Randomise questions and answers to minimise cheating during bulk exams. Edith Pro’s advanced proctoring can help test administrators to randomise questions and answers with the click of a button.

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IP Ranges

Decide the IP ranges from which the test can be attempted. An extremely useful feature during campus and bulk hiring where the test attempts are restricted to a few preselected IPs to ensure authentication.