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Career Interest

Edith Stream Selector is a holistic assessment that measures school student's interest as well as intelligence and identifies the stream most suitable to him/her. The first part of the test assesses the interest areas and is based on John Holland's RIASEC model. This is followed by an intelligence test based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory. The rationale behind these two sections of the tests is that interest does not always match intelligence in a particular area.

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Internal Exams

Many institutes and universities are shifting to the online assessment process instead of using the traditional examination method of pen and paper thus helping them in designing the online semester examination patterns. Our integrated tools can help the universities to simulate data, records, exam papers & assessments. Using our online technical tools, the overall examination process gets smooth and result publishing gets simple with zero error.

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Online Assignments

Grade all course work in no time. Create complex online assessments including both math formulas and essay questions.