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Easy and Secure Login

Participants can log in to their online examinations by using their username and password to access the relevant pages for test completion at the specified time. Once the test begins, the user must complete it before the given time expires.

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Time Reminder

As the exam progresses, participants will be reminded of the time remaining until they are required to submit.

Many Ways To Use Edith Pro

Applicant management system

Campus Recruitment

Conduct campus placement drives with just a few clicks.
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Conduct online walk-ins by hosting public tests.
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Employee Assessment

Assess employees for internal job postings and/or performance appraisals.
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Day-to-Day Hiring

Quick and easy evaluation of candidates pouring in from different sources.
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Advanced Test Statistics and Rankings

Learn more about your candidate with our assessments. View results per candidate as well as overall stats.

- Detailed Results of Each Candidate
- Export Your Results and Statistics

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Use Our Test Library of Skills

We have developed and validated hundreds of skills tests that can be easily selected and combined to create a comprehensive test for the job role.

Other Key Features

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