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The strength of video assessments derives from a unique combination of features that makes them a perfect assessment tool. edithPro’s video assessments can be taken on any device, making them an extremely fast way of interviewing candidates. Assess candidates on communication, cultural fit and knowledge and only invite the best candidates for Video Interviews / F2F Interviews .

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edithPro’s Personality Profiler is inspired by the well-established “Big-Five” model of personality traits . It is an innovative, evidence-based assessment that measures relevant personality traits required for critical work. It is designed to help employers gain access to otherwise hidden information about a job applicant or an employee, that is critical in influencing her/his behavior at work. The main traits measured are Interpersonal competency, Motivation & Drive, Cognitive Functions, Conscientiousness and Emotion.

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Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills we need to carry out any task, from the simplest to the most complex. Cognitive ability tests assess abilities involved in thinking (e.g., reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability, and problem solving). Generally cognitive ability tests scores are strongly correlated to job performance. edithPro cognitive ability tests are much more capable predictors of job performance and has been able to establish accuracy over a period of time.

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Cultural Fit Assessments

Workplace culture plays out in the daily interactions of workers with their teammates, managers, subordinates, and customers. Culturally fit candidates show a better commitment to the company and hence reduce attrition rate. Choose Cultures that fit best for your organization from our cultural fit engine.

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Coding Assessments

edithPro’s coding platform is an online coding test platform which provides real-time feedback to help companies assess candidates’ coding skills for performance benchmarking and effective recruitment.
The platform is integrated with domain-based online programming tests to assess candidates’ software development capability and benchmark it with industry standards. With edithPro’s coding platform , you can make use of the comprehensive programming # to administer Java test, C programming test, SQL online test, PHP developer online test, HTML online test, and other coding tests for hiring programmers.

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Job Role Based Assessment

The Job Role Test helps organisations ensure that persons with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities are matched with the right job offering. While many organisations test for technical skills or do personality assessments, this assessment combines the personality and domain knowledge into one test. Each job role has been carefully studied and the industry requirements have been taken into account

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Customizable Assessments

Test administrators can create an online test, selecting questions from their personal bank or utilizing edithPro’s vast # of verified assessments. Tests can be customised to suit the administrator's parameters for section configuration, question order, test duration, scoring logic, and more..