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Work Culture

As with every rising company, there’s no limit to the work you can do at Edith Pro. You’ll have verticals that you’ll own entirely, but that won’t limit you. Everyone here is a business partner and we are always open to hearing from people you can help us improve.

You won’t be given duties at Edith Pro; you’ll be entrusted with them. How each team member performs is directly consequential to the growth of the organization, and you are expected to perform as if you were the company’s founder. There will be very little supervision, but you will be held accountable for the job that is entrusted to you.

There are no firm rules – we don’t care about what you’re wearing (as long as you’re clothed), how you work, or if you swear a lot (you’ll have company). We value hard workers, fast learners, committed individuals, perfectionists and people with inherent curiosity. In anyone who works at Edith Pro, you can see shades of these characteristics.

And we have loads of fun.

We believe that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Group trips, dinner with the founders, workplace birthday parties are typical activities we do to build a culture of joy. If you want some beers after office hours, we’ll accompany you.

There are powerful views here on just about anything and everything here, and there will be conflicts. But at the end of the day, you’re going to make friends for life here.